MISANTHROPOZINE collectively experiments with visual architectural culture, and engages the millennial and superficial sensibilities of the personae that are part of it—artists, architects, thinkers and policy makers. WALK THE TALK! Each issue establishes and dissolves a fresh paradigm, a potential exit route away from disciplinary cults.

Paradigm Weekly's MISANTHROPOZINE is conceived by artist Pieterjan Ginckels, and stems from the Paradigm Weekly masters in architecture studio taught at KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture in Brussels. In this studio, we focus on the complex impact of contemporary visual cultures on working±being. We connect the so-called thorough practice of incremental conceptual work with the seemingly ominous but very pervasive culture of the (scroll)surface What’s a Snowflake gotta do? PW recognizes, embraces and designs millennial ways of enquiry and action, to work in our time. Contributors merge into a collective, and absorb and radiate the complexities of being (anti-)architects, drowning in visual culture.

Paradigms, theories, concepts, positions, ambitions, agendas, beliefs: vape, smoke, smog in the air. As our name suggests, today’s disciplinary cults favor statements above questions, but simultaneously can’t/won't hold on to these. Paradigm Weekly functions as a cool-critical probe for surrendering to its instabilities:🥑 Embracing the cultural status quo and its markers and signifiers as a dominant force 🥑 Surrendering to the obsessions, fears, hopes and secrets that come with living and working in a duckfaced caffeinated culture 🥑 Embracing the fact that most of our built environment is not conceived—or hindered—by the proxies of archi-culture 🥑 Surrendering to the vectors of fashion: troika ecology, hypercapitalism, (joy of) fear of missing out.

🍌 PWM is (n)either therapeutic, (n)or theoretical.
🍌 PWM is academic and anti.
🍌 PWM is a sticky drama performed by non-believing, surrendering proxies, transparent cherries on a puffy meta-pancake.
🍌 PWM might be wrong.

PWM#1 is printed and quarantined, ready to come to you. Read about the issue's topic TANTRIC URBANISM.

KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture