Tuning in 3 Speed Trips — Tokyo 2020

11 April 2020 SPEED TRIP #1 SUPER FLAT, Performing the surface with ◊◊◊◊◊ ◊◊◊-◊◊◊
18 April 2020 SPEED TRIP #2 SUPER CHARGED, Spoon Sports Type One with TORAFU
25 April 2020 SPEED TRIP #1 SUPER GLUE, Bōsōzoku bricolage with Paradigm Weekly

A SPEED TRIP is an urban safari – a concept developed by PJG, in which audience, experts and the artist uncover contemporary themes in a field trip. To understand a contemporary landscape, we surrender to its instabilities. As a SPEED TRIPPER, you embrace the superficiality you are investigating, and you take selfies rather than samples. Field research becomes lecture-safari.

PJG organised SPEED TRIPS in Beijing, Brussels, LA, Las Vegas, London... Topics until now included TANTRIC URBANISM (reality checking the realized renderings of single-world cities), SOLAR SAFARI (the aesthetics and tectonics of clean energy technologies on private housing/architecture) or NORMCORE HARDCORE CAPITALISM TOUR (lifestyle convergence of contemporary architecture for brands and shopping environments).
These three TUNING trips reconnect with a place and culture that seems more at ease with the extremes of surface and depth, fast and slow, performing and being. We will focus on Japanese car tuning in relation to visual cultures and architecture. How does the wide spectrum of tuning culture relate to the built environment, fashion, aesthetics? One extreme of this subculture is Bōsōzoku, a countercultural movement of biker gangs and extreme car bricolage; this contrasts the famous Spoon Sports company and their sophisticated performance tuning. The Spoon Sports Type One headquarters project by TORAFU architects is indispensable to visit.

We will organise 3 SPEED TRIPS, 3 days of uncovering the tuning landscape of Tokyo together with local partner TORAFU architects. This art project includes a preliminary research phase, 3 public SPEED TRIPS in Tokyo and a Paradigm Weekly Misanthropozine.
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