Dear XOXO,
What’s up? Happy to reconnect. I am contacting you as an important voice in b◊◊◊◊ing contemporary ◊◊◊hi◊◊e◊◊ure practice. Would you be willing to contribute to the third MISANTHROPOZINE, a fresh cool-critical journal, which will comprise 10 biannual releases.

focusses on the world of tuning and relates its languages, media, artefacts and masterminds to those of architecture. How does the wide spectrum of tuning culture relate to the built environment, its fashions and aesthetics? Tuning is understood as a modifying culture in which both performance and looks are altered. We believe that architecture derives its meaning from a similar and complex dance between performance and aesthetics, program and tectonics. By diving deep into the subcultural field of automotive extravaganza, we will discover strategies, slang, tricks and metaphors that exist in our domains also, but only reveal themselves by means of our extraterritorial detour.

For MISANTHROPOZINE #3, you are invited to cut and paste, nip and tuck the pixels and pains, to produce a global family of TUNERS, as our freshest paradigm-to-go is being polished and programmed to accelerate and crush the creeping hegemony of pure space as guarded by its vector-slaves. Tuning is not a crime—Verbrechen—and petrolheads preside over subcultural outlets not unlike the dwellers of professional visual culture. Your COOL-CRITICAL contribution to the topic of TUNING is welcomed in any form that sticks to a printed surface. If you need to write we will print the words, if you need to write more, we’ll print smaller - the same goes for pixels and megabytes. MISANTHROPOZINE #3 drags us into the car-tuning-meets-architecture landscape, where we can harvest examples and stories from the past-present-future's unavoidable encounters between these two cultural outlets. We might warm up with taurine-infused drive-by-renderings of Simple Programs (houses for car collectors, Lingotto, Villa Savoie, drive-thrus), a so-called Stage I tuning. Then at Stage II, let's taste some more personal and insider flavours (you like Japanese or German? Retro or futuristic? Sleepers or Capsules?). Stage III finally makes us experience what cannot be put to words. Just like a good twin NOS-setup keeps Vin Diesel from too much talking, we need similar bore-out blocking materials that will make them, you, us, shut up and dance.

MISANTHROPOZINE wants to assemble your work in such a way that its arguments bubble at the surface. This surface is a visual landscape, and exploring it means helping ferment theories and ways that collide with the problem.

Reading MISANTHROPOZINE should be a cool-critical experience in its own right:
🍌 MISANTHROPOZINE is (n)either therapeutic, (n)or theoretical.
🍌 MISANTHROPOZINE is academic and anti.
🍌 MISANTHROPOZINE is a sticky drama performed by non-believing, surrendering proxies, transparent cherries on a puffy meta-pancake.
🍌 MISANTHROPOZINE might be wrong.

I ain’t got friends, I got FAMILY.
To make such a MISANTHROPOZINE, its contributors will be invited to approach (each others') projects more freely, not merely as solid blocks of statements or achievements, but as layers of data, triggers, arguments and methods to mingle, counter-propose, rub against each other, unnerve or heighten in less hyperbolic ways.

The idea of TUNING as an unbounded looping of being inside and outside, wanting and rejecting, hot and cool, climax and anti-climax, clarity and confusion. We are embedded outsiders, separate limbs controlled by our merged brains and hearts, ànd wish to make our readers part of the party.

PRACTICAL: MISANTHROPOZINE material will be subjected to an All-Transparent Peer Preview by its contributors. We would like your registration for submission before 14 February 2021 by sending your contact details and project working title to We welcome your contribution by 15 April 2021 latest. The MISANTHROPOZINE editorial team will provide feedback by 1 May 2021, after which we would like to engage in a more intense back-and-forth to ensure the best content on the best surface. Premium!

KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture